(Private Coaching)



''Edith's perception and intuitive talents are absolutely brilliant and very rare. In one hour on Skype, she assisted me in dissolving years of emotional sorrow, fear and shame. I have absolute confidence in her and recommend her to anybody.''


"It has been wonderful to be able to largely depart from of one of the internal limits residing in me for decades. It was a heaviness, that I apparently inherited from a parent, that was suffocating me daily. In only one clearing session, Edith’s intuition has recounted the parts and the sources of this internal limit to thus allow their uprooting. What a liberation!''


''Having a session with Edith is like giving myself a very nice transformational and intimate journey. Edith helps me to abandon the limitations of functioning that I have created. Everything is now so much different, my relationship with my body, my family and how I see and direct my life and living.''


(Transform Your Relationship With Food Class) 



''The lightness is with me every day and your program has something to do with this.


I reduced my weight by almost 10 kg (22 lbs), my body and I communicate, the points of view disappear one by one, my body is different, I move on, it is extraordinary!


I have never felt anything like this! I love it!


Thanks to you!''


'' I desire to thank you for all the good you did to me.

I finally can eat what I desire without feeling guilty. I learned to listen to my body.


You touched our heart directly every time with your clearings, you see clearly every time. 


You allow us to believe in ourselves and most of all to believe that anything is possible.


You clear things that are profoundly entrenched that prevent us from moving forward.'' 


''I was attracted by this class, but I was not sure it was appropriate for me, since I was not looking for a diet.

​This class was extremely magical, and I became aware of different limitations and beliefs. 

Edith, with her softness and potency, allowed to destroy layers (limitations) I was not aware of that were related with food, and 
it totally changed my reality.

Since then, I completely changed my relationship with food and my way to feed myself, and it does not correspond to any dietetic theories. It reflects more what is true for me, with more result and I have more energy!!! I don't regret my choice and recommend this class to 2000%, because it does not correspond to anything we can ever imagine and it goes way beyond...'' 

All of Life Comes to Me With Ease, Joy and Glory!® 

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